Act Two: Book Giveaway

My second act of kindness was inspired by my friend Brie’s mom, Jane Breen.  She is a librarian with her own blog which is adorable and filled with great ideas to inspire a child’s inner bookworm (  Jane suggested that I buy a bunch of children’s books and leave them in random places where kids could find them.  I searched high and low to find the “perfect” book that my Mom would have loved.  My Mom was a retired kindergarten teacher who was passionate about teaching children and equality.  She firmly believed that everyone was equal no matter their race, religion, or background and she shared this belief with anyone who would listen.  I consider myself lucky to have had a Mom who was such an amazing role model and teacher.

I came across a book by Karen Katz called “The Colors of Us.”

index The story is written from the perspective of the author’s adopted daughter Lena who describes the colors of all the friends and acquaintances in her neighborhood.  This book is especially perfect for my family because I have two beautiful children adopted from China [Li Na (same name different spelling!) and Tai].  I ordered 5 books to give away, but quickly ordered more to give to friends and family because I liked it so much!

With the kids help, we picked a few parks and recreation centers in the Raleigh area to leave books.  We left them in open areas where kids could find the books and left a little note on the cover to encourage kids to take them.  I let Li Na and Tai pick the spot where we would leave each book.  It usually ended up being the highest point in the area like the top of a slide or climbing wall.  It was a fun adventure for the kids and I know that my Mom would have approved of the book choice!

IMG_1445  IMG_1453    IMG_1452     IMG_1450



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