Act Six: More blood donations for Mom

IMG_1506 IMG_1503

On Saturday, I went to the American Red Cross to donate blood with one of my closest friends Amanda.  She and I have known each other since high school and we have lived parallel lives ever since.  We both went to NC State and then on to graduate school at NCCU.  We work for the same small company as speech therapists and our husbands work together too! Needless to say, she is a great friend and I am lucky to have her in my life.  I am also so thankful that she wanted to take part in an act of kindness for my Mom.

Since I am eligible to donate blood every 56 days, I decided to make donations every 8 weeks until I complete all 68 acts of kindness.  I will also keep trying to recruit family and friends to donate, so watch out!  I know that Mom would approve of this act of kindness since she was a Red Cross volunteer for several years after she retired.  I love you Mom and miss you so much!

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