Act Seven: Donating to a Local Food Pantry


For my seventh act of kindness, the kids and I donated a few bags of food to our local food pantry.  This idea was inspired by my husband’s Aunt Dini.  She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold and a contagious laugh.  She is my favorite type of person, the kind of person that laughs easily and always has a positive story or outlook to share with those around her.  I feel so lucky to have her in my life!!


The kids and I took a trip to the grocery store and chose non-perishable items to donate.  I used this act of kindness as an opportunity to talk to the kids about giving back to the community and helping people who are less fortunate.  The kids were excited to feel like they were helping people in need, as long as they had the same exact foods to give to people in need.  I was careful to get the same foods for each of their bags so our lesson in giving back didn’t erupt into a sibling war!!  I feel like this act would have been so appreciated by my Mom because she gave back to her community so often.  She bought clothes for the less fortunate student’s she taught, she made charitable donations monthly, she volunteered for local charities, and she was kind to everyone that she met.  She was such a wonderful teacher of service to one’s community and the world at large.  Thanks Mom for being such a wonderful teacher!!



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