Act Ten: Helping a needy family for Christmas

My great friend Amanda (a fellow speech therapist) called me a few weeks ago to say that one of her speech clients needed help with Christmas.  The family consists of a young single Mom and three children under the age of five.  Amanda decided to adopt the family for Christmas and held a fundraiser at her sister’s Christmas party to raise money.  We both made donations, along with most of the party goers, and she was able to raise $400 to help the family.  Together, we hit the stores and bought outfits, pajamas, socks, bedroom slippers, art supplies, and sleeping bags for the three children.  It was fun to spend a little bit of our money and a whole lot of other people’s money on gifts!   I would like to say a big thank you to Amanda for allowing me to take part in her act of kindness as a way to honor my Mom!

One thought on “Act Ten: Helping a needy family for Christmas

  1. We are all blessed in many ways, sometimes we don’t even know. When we search our hearts we find that little spirit in us that moves us into helping others. Kerry your Mom was one of those special people that gave to those in need she is smiling down on you & all your wonderful friends that have the Spirit of giving. Thank you Amanda for adopting this family. Love, & Blessings to all whom share their own blessings.
    Heather & Tony Morrison


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