Act Twelve: Donating 68 children’s books to a local charity


My fabulous friend Amanda suggested that I donate 68 children’s books to a local charity in need.  My Mom was an avid reader and an elementary school teacher.  After retiring from the school system, she also volunteered her time with a local literacy council where she tutored adults who were unable to read.  So, this suggestion was perfectly suited for my Mom!

A few months ago, my brothers, myself, and my Dad finished going through old pictures of my Mom and some of her belongings. We came across a basket of books that she used in her Kindergarten class.  Each one had her lovely handwriting in the front cover reading “Laurie Flannery.”  I set these books aside with this act of kindness in mind.

I wanted to donate the books to a charity that would help needy children.  My Mom always spoke very fondly of her time teaching in the Head Start program which was targeted to help low-income families.  I searched around and found a book drive for Wake County called Wake up and Read (  The annual book drive is being held this month and aims to raise 100,000 books for at risk children.  The books will be distributed to local elementary schools and child care centers.  My goal was to donate 68 books, but Li Na and Tai pitched in a few of their books and we were able to donate 84 books in all!!

4 thoughts on “Act Twelve: Donating 68 children’s books to a local charity

  1. Your blog and your 68 Acts mission has given me so many good ideas for things I can do with the boys to help others. You’re awesome! I loved reading about your mom’s handwriting on each book. My parents still have their boxes of books from their teaching years, with their names on the inside, too. It is special and even more so that you gave them to children in need. I love when you write about your mom and her interests and passions. She sounds like she was such an interesting person. Much like yourself! xo


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