Act Thirteen: Saying thank you to our mailman


Meneika, a good friend of my sister-in-law (and a friend I would like to steal as my own friend) thought of my next act of kindness.  She suggested leaving water bottles out for our mailman.  She made this suggestion on an August day in North Carolina.  It was most likely 100 degrees with 110% humidity.  Unfortunately, it has taken me a few months to get around to her act of kindness, and it is now a cold day in February.  But, it is Valentine’s Day!!  So, I thought what better gift to give someone on this chilly Valentine’s than some chocolate!  Chocolate is always my favorite gift!  My husband even promised to “always give me chocolate” in our wedding vows…dead serious.

Once again, I instilled the help of my little munchkins, Li Na and Tai, who helped make a card for our mailman.  Li Na will make a card for any occasion with gusto!  She calls it “doing our art works.”  Tai usually supervises by ripping the artwork out of Li Na’s hand every couple of minutes for an inspection.  Armed with our homemade Valentine’s thank you card, and a heart shaped tin of Hershey Kisses, we marched our special surprise to the mailbox and put the flag up!  Thanks Mr. Postman and thanks to Meneika for the great idea.


P.S. The following day, we opened our mailbox to find a lovely thank card from our postman Lin!  He even wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Chinese which we all loved!


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