Act Eighteen: Give a stranger a compliment

My next act of kindness was inspired by my Mom.  Although she was really hard on herself, she was able to find beauty in anyone and anything.  “Look at her beautiful skin” or “he has such a unique smile,” she would say.  I remember taking a second glance at people or things I would have overlooked, and finding a new appreciation in them.  So, in honor of her, I decided to give a stranger a compliment.

My Mom and I always appreciated true redheads.  My cousins Christine and Melissa were blessed with beautiful red hair and Mom and I always commented on their unique beauty.  I came across a salesperson in a gas station with the same fiery red hair and bright blue eyes and I said “your hair is so beautiful.”  The salesperson was a bit taken aback, and then thanked me with a huge smile!!

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