Act Nineteen: Post a nice comment on someone else’s blog

When I decided to start a blog, I initially did so to hold myself accountable for completing all 68 acts of kindness.   I also wanted an online journal to chronicle life after Mom.  That being said, I knew nothing about writing or formatting a blog.  First I turned to my good buddy Sue.  She has a blog ( where she writes flawlessly about motherhood and “pretending to be a grown-up” (her words not mine)!  She gave me a ton of great pointers and helped me get established as a “blogger.”  Sue also gave me a wonderful gift from one blogger to another, she commented on my blog:

Kerry the photo at the top is just beautiful. Your mom was so pretty and this picture just seems to say a lot about her. I think the idea of acts of kindness is such a positive way of carrying her with you! I’m going to give some thought to suggestions. Kudos on putting this up.

Next, I searched for blogs by people who had experienced the loss of a loved one, especially loss from suicide.  I came across a blog by a woman named Laura whose only sibling committed suicide (  She writes candidly about her feelings, no matter how raw or uncomfortable, and I related to her.  I continue to follow her posts and her journey through life without her brother.  I support her by commenting on her posts and acknowledging her journey and her struggle.

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