Act Twenty-Three: Leave flowers on a stranger’s headstone


To prepare myself for the year anniversary of my Mom’s death, I did what I always do to prepare for things, I read like crazy.  I visited websites about personal loss, I read articles on how to celebrate a loved one’s life, I perused blogs about how other people dealt with anniversaries pertaining to death.  I came across one person’s blog who suggested leaving flowers on a stranger’s headstone.  I thought it sounded a bit morbid, but an anniversary of a loved one’s death is pretty morbid.  And, because I wasn’t able to visit my Mom’s grave on the actual anniversary date, it was therapeutic for me.  I visited a graveyard in Raleigh close to my home and found a grave marked only with an “L”.  It was enough of a sign for me as my Mom’s name was Laurie.  I said a prayer for “L” and a prayer for Mom and kissed them up to the sky.

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