Act Twenty-Four: Make cards for seniors


My next act of kindness was inspired by my old buddy Trudy Steen Davis.  She suggested making “just to make you smile” cards for people in a senior center.  I got the perfect opportunity to fulfill this act when I was asked to fill in at my old job.  For my first eight working years, I was a speech therapist in a skilled nursing facility.  The job was very fulfilling and I got very attached to the staff and the residents.  So, I recruited my little artists Li Na and Tai (well mainly just Li Na 🙂 )to help make cards.  Li Na quickly came up with a design and put us both to work.  The cards turned out really cute and we had  great time creating them!!  Thanks Trudy for the great idea!

IMG_1578       IMG_1580

IMG_1585  IMG_1579

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