Act Twenty-Seven: Adopt an animal to support a NC aquarium

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Dear Mom,

Today would have been your 70th birthday and you would not have been at all happy about it!  I remember when you got your first free copy of AARP and you got really angry.  Over time, you started to flip through it, and before too long, you even started trying some recipes from it.  You never liked to acknowledge birthdays with more than a devil’s food cake with 7 minute icing…just the way your Mom used to make it.  I tried to make you a similar cake a few times but the frosting always turned out grainy and super sweet.

Your birthdays are difficult to face these days.  This is your second birthday that has passed without you here to hug and reminisce with.  I still have to remind myself that I can’t call you up for a chat or to share things with you.   The universe just doesn’t feel right without you in it, especially on special days like today.

To honor you on this day, Craig and I and the kids visited an aquarium and adopted a river otter.  The kids and I decided that otters were our favorite animals at the aquarium because they always seem to be having fun.  We made a small donation that helps provide food for the otters and with maintaining their exhibit.  The kids were a bit disappointed that we weren’t actually bringing an otter home but they were happy to know that we could still give you presents.  I miss you and I hope that today is a special day for you and that your parents and brother David are by your side.



3 thoughts on “Act Twenty-Seven: Adopt an animal to support a NC aquarium

  1. Sweet! She really hated us making a fuss about her birthday. I’m glad we did anyways, it’s fun to remember them. I thought about you all day yesterday. I love you.


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