Act Tweny-Eight: Pay for a stranger’s coffee

In honor of my Mom’s 70th birthday, I am going to attempt to complete an act of kindness each day this week.  Today, I completed an act of kindness that was suggested by my mother-in-law Heather.  A few months ago, Heather said that someone paid for her coffee when she went through a Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru.  She said it made her day and that she wanted to pay it forward to someone else.  She also suggested that I could do the same in honor of my Mom.

This act of kindness is perfect for my Mom because she loved coffee and she was crazy about donuts!!  She coveted jelly donuts from Dunkin’s and was known to buy them by the dozen whenever she drove to Raleigh or Charlotte to visit myself or my brothers.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that her visits to Raleigh increased when a Dunkin’s was built two miles from my house!  She ended each visit with a trip to Dunkin’s and box of jelly donuts which she had to put in the back of her van to keep herself from devouring them.

So, with Tai as my co-pilot and munchkin taste-tester, we paid for our treats and for the car behind us!  Thanks Heather for the special idea.

3 thoughts on “Act Tweny-Eight: Pay for a stranger’s coffee

  1. I love this! Every time Laurie left out house in charlotte she needed directions to get back home. But the directions had to be passing a Dunkin Doughnuts on the way out!

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  2. When I read this more than a month ago it gave me another reason to like your Mom=p My love for Dunkin Donuts has no bounds. Jelly was my absolute favorite as a kid.


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