Act Forty-One: Donate school supplies to children in need


My next act of kindness was inspired by back to school shopping for my kids. With Tai heading off to Kindergarten and Li Na starting first grade, I had to tackle 2 school supply lists.  I was amazed at the amount of money I spent on the required supply list and wondered how many kids would have trouble bringing supplies.  I found an advertisement for a local fundraiser sponsored by the Raleigh Rescue Mission that was asking for backpack donations filled with school supplies.  Tai had an extra backpack, which was one that my Mom bought for him when he started preschool.  We filled the backpack with school supplies and donated it to the fundraiser.  My Mom would have loved to see her gift being re-gifted to kids in need.  If anyone is interested in participating, check out the Raleigh Rescue Mission website:

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