68 ways to remember my Mom…

My name is Kerry and I lost my Mom two months ago.  She committed suicide after a long battle with depression and is survived by a husband, three children, and four grandchildren.  The pain of her loss is ever present and physically painful at times, but as a Mom of two little ones, I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I’ve been stuck inside my head for the last two months feeling sorry for myself, going over what if scenarios, and grieving the loss of my Mom.  I am not entirely comfortable feeling lots of emotions, especially strong feelings of sadness or grief.  So, in an effort to crawl out of my head, I decided to focus on positive things I could do to honor my Mom’s life.   She was 68 years old when she took her life, so my hope is that I can accomplish one act of kindness for each year.

I have some simple acts of kindness in mind such as putting a coin in an expired parking meter or paying for a stranger’s coffee, but I need some more suggestions.   So, if there is anyone else reading this blog, this is my official rally cry.  Please send me some ideas on how I can honor my Mom in a way that would help another human being!  I hope to complete my first act of kindness around my Mom’s birthday which is August 16th.


5 thoughts on “68 ways to remember my Mom…

  1. Kerry, the photo at the top is just beautiful. Your mom was so pretty and this picture just seems to say a lot about her. I think the idea of acts of kindness is such a positive way of carrying her with you! I’m going to give some thought to suggestions. Kudos on putting this up.

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  2. Kerry,
    Acts of Kindness ideas to help you honor your mom:
    Milk and cookies to the local firemen or library
    Quarters taped to parking meters
    Basket of children’s books given to a doctor’s office waiting room
    Lollipops in a pretty container given to the “hostess stand” in a local restaurant or your mom’s favorite restaurant.
    A fancy cup of tea or coffee purchased for a special care giver…babysitter or nursery school teacher
    Hand knitted hats to keep heads warm. (children’s hats or senior center hats)
    Journals to people who like to write or to total strangers.
    If your mom had a favorite animal or craft – donate a book to your library on the subject, or to the school library.
    If there is a book your children loved listening to with your mom….buy a bunch of them and give them away at your park or pool club. Just check with the parent.
    If your mom worked somewhere…treat her former colleagues to a box of donuts.
    Take a photo of your children holding that beautiful photo at the top of your blog.

    Think about things your mother liked and “tweak them”. Think about things mothers do and do them to members of your community…keep them warm, feed them milk and cookies, read, sing, play, draw, make memories.
    So very sorry for your loss, may you find comfort in your mission. ~ jane


    • Thanks for taking time to offer such wonderful suggestions Jane! I especially like the idea of having my kids hold the picture of my Mom and I. That would be so special for me. The book club girls have really enjoyed talking about and visiting your blog!


  3. Dearest Kerry,
    Randomly you Lina & Tai give out” 68 Pink Roses” (your Mom’s favorite flower) to different people you meet along your travels. Bless you Laurie !!!


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