Act Thirty: Become a NPR sustainer

NPR logo

As the child of two avid NPR listeners, I logged on many pre-pubescent hours listening to BBC reports, Prairie Home Companions, All Things Considered, and Morning Editions.  I listened reluctantly with a lot of heavy sighs and eye rolls.  My two older brothers and I would whine and beg to listen to anything other than public radio.  But, as I got older, I found myself hesitating on our local channel, WUNC 91.5.  I might linger as Laksmi Singh reported on national news at midday, or as Diane Rehm pressed a politician to answer a question directly.  But, my real love of NPR began with the weekend show This American Life, a quirky hour-long show that has a different theme each week.

So in honor of my NPR loving mother, I decided to become an NPR sustainer.  Hopefully Eric Hodge will call me and tell me I’ve won a free trip to Hawaii!  I am a true NPR nerd now!!

One thought on “Act Thirty: Become a NPR sustainer

  1. This was a great idea to honor your mom! You know I’m a huge NPR fan…I used to use it as my alarm to wake up in grad school…it was still Karl Castle then for Morning Edition. I miss him!


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