Act Twenty-Nine: Be gumball machine fairies


Much to my dismay, my kids recently discovered that the glass round things outside the grocery store are filled with  delicious candies, giant gumballs, jawbreakers, and endless cheap toys and tattoos.  These machines were the end goal of every grocery trip that I trudged through as a child.  I’d say 9/10 times, my Mom said no and quickly shuttled me past them.  But, on those magical days when my persistent whiny voice was enough to tip the scales, I was allowed to indulge in the magic that was the gumball machines.  So, for today’s act of kindness, I let the kids fill all of the machines with quarters and hopefully it will make a few children’s day, or one big kid who realizes that they are all full and he/she has a full on field day!!   And thanks to Mom for indulging me at least 10% of the time!

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