Act Five: Decorating Pumpkins for Friends and Neighbors


Emmeline (aka “the pumpkin fairy”) and Connor (aka “the pumpkin ninja”) painting pumpkins

My fifth act of kindness was inspired by my creative and amazing sister-in-law Jennifer.  She suggested that we paint pumpkins and give them away to friends and family to honor Mom.  Mom would definitely approve of this idea because she loved Halloween and always made a point to send us care packages filled with silly decorations and surprises.  Last year, she bought Li Na and Emmeline (her two granddaughters) matching Halloween outfits!

Emmeline and Connor (my niece and nephew) started the festivities in Charlotte.  They pretended to be a pumpkin fairy and a pumpkin ninja and delivered their painted pumpkins to friends and neighbors.  Li Na and Tai followed their cousins’ lead by painting pumpkins of their own in Raleigh, not once but twice.  It rained while we were letting the pumpkins dry, so we dried them off and painted them all over again.  We delivered them to neighbors, family, and friends using a grocery cart my Mom gave them!  Thanks Jennifer for the awesome idea!

DSC_0404DSC_0408     DSC_0405 DSC_0407                 DSC_0406


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